Hair Prep 101


Step 1: One Prep Spray

Why We Love It
✔ great basecoat

✔ built-in heat protectant

✔ levels out porosity

What is porosity? It's how well your hair can absorb and retain moisture. 

How To Use It

✔ simply spray allover (edit)

Micki's Tip: Apply the product with the most vitamins on your hair first to protect it. The vitamins will have the best chance of permeating the cuticle layer of your hair. 


Step 2: Dallas Thickening Spray

Why We Love It

✔ instant root lifter

How To Use It

✔ apply directly to your scalp

✔ target the crown and back

Micki's Tip: Make sure you lift the hair right at the root. 


Step 3: Mannequin Styling Paste

Why We Love It

✔ gives hair hold all day

How To Use It

✔ section out and saturate hair 

✔ emulsify the product to avoid clumps

A product in your strands will help keep the desired look from falling flat over the course of the day.