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Targeted High-Performance Booster

May 4, 2015

Add on a Targeted High-Performance Booster to any facial to address your skincare needs.
Targeted results at $15

An exquisite composition of natural, highly concentrated ingredients sealed in a glass ampoule to enhance any facial. Each Booster is exceptionally well tolerated to suit every skin type. Immediate and visible results are revealed.

Speak to your esthetician to determine which Booster is right for you. Schedule your next facial today! 

Booster Results

Algae Active Booster

Active ingredient concentrate for revitalization and hydration.

Delivers detoxification, combats aging and addresses mild congestion.

Purifying Active Booster

Active ingredient concentrate for acute skin impurities and spots.

Provides instant relief for blemishes and inflammation.

Stop Stress Booster

Active ingredient concentrate de-stresses and calms the skin. Significantly

reduces anxiety induced redness and irritation found in the skin.

Collagen Booster

Active ingredient concentrate combats loss of elasticity by stimulating skin’s natural

collagen production. Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Revitalizing Oxygen Booster

Active ingredient concentrate delivers encapsulated oxygen to activate the skin’s cell respiration.

Results are immediately confirmed with a rosy glow and youthfully fresh appearance.