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Is a Series right for you?

Jul 25, 2016

We’ve received the following question... 
"Is a Series Savings Plan right for me?" 

Check out these amazing benefits and reasons to believe a Series Savings Plan is right for you! 

Series let’s you spa and save at the same time. With a Series, you will receive a special discount 
or complimentary service when you purchase six or more of the same service.

SERIES 6: Get 10% SAVINGS when you purchase 6 
SERIES 8: Get 1 FREE service when you purchase 7 
SERIES 12: Get 2 FREE services when you purchase 10 

You’re Protected! 
Purchasing a Series means that you’ve locked in your service price for up to 18 months. If service pricing changes, you’re protected. 
Series 6 – 12 months of protected pricing
Series 8 – 12 months of protected pricing
Series 12 – 18 months of protected pricing

Commits You To A Routine! 
A Series allows you to commit to the wellness and 
beauty routine you’ve been striving for. Taking care of yourself is a lifestyle, not a luxury. No more excuses! 

Maximized Benefits! 
While noticeable results are visible after one treatment, there is nothing like a series of services to maximize benefits and prolong results you’ve invested