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Make Your Summer Nail Color Last

Aug 5, 2013

BE AWARE - Quick-dry polishes contain extra chemicals that prevent the color from lasting as long as regular polishes.

SCRUB - Even if you don’t need to remove nail polish, scrub your nails with acetone polish remover first. This step removes any lotion, oil or debris and allows the polish to stick better.

SMOOTH IT OUT - Gently buff your nails with a block buffer. This will smooth your nails and allow your polish to go on more evenly.

PRIMETIME - Apply one layer of base coat. A base coat acts as double-sided sticky tape and will keep your color on longer.

OUT WITH THE OLD – Make sure your polish is under one year old. Polish should look thin on the brush and the consistency should not be separated inside the bottle. Keep your polish in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperature changes. This means the bathroom and anywhere you may find lingering heat or moisture.

KEEP YOUR COOL - Apply your polish inside a cool air conditioned room.  

A TIP FOR YOUR TIPS - Seal the tips of your nails with each coat you apply.  This prevents color from peeling and lifting. Two coats are recommended.

TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE - The more time you allow between coats the more your polish will set, leading to a longer lasting result.

TOP IT OFF - Apply one layer of top coat at the very end and don’t forget to seal those edges again!  Allow the top coat to dry for at least 2 to 5 minutes. After, apply an oil-based quick dry spray or drops to prevent smudging.