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Fragrance Application 101

Nov 5, 2015

Fragrance Application 101

Your spritzing technique might not be as effective as you think. If you’re only spraying your fragrance on your wrists then you’re missing some key opportunities to highlight your scent du jour. To truly optimize your scent douse these key places:

  • Pulse Points – Yes, your wrists are a great spot to place your fragrance, but other pulse points including the bend of the arm and behind the knees are spots you may have not considered. Pulse points are any place that veins are close to the skin. The extra heat in the bend of the arms and knees will help keep the scent active throughout the day.
  • Behind the Ears – This spot is not only a great place to be sweetly scented for romantic reasons, but applying fragrance here will avoid tarnishing necklaces.
  • Hair – A light way to apply scent that will release throughout the day as you toss your hair. Just be sure to spray at least 10 inches away to avoid dry out from alcohol.