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Why join our team?


At The Red Door, our employees are are committed to delivering the highest level of technical expertise and impeccable guest service.  Our core values are at the heart of everything we do. 


I can’t say enough positive things about my employment experience with The Red Door.  After being with the company for over 10 years, I have been given more opportunity than I could have ever dreamed in an industry for which I have great passion.  Being a part of The Red Door family has forever enhanced the quality of my life.

Melissa W, Regional Manager

I have worked as a manager in the spa/salon industry for the past seven years and as a new manager with Red Door, I can honestly say that the more I learn about Red Door, the more I fall in love with the company. A corporation that does things right is hard to find these days, but Red Door does it! One of my favorite things about working for Red Door is knowing that I’m part of a talented team of passionate people who truly stand behind the mission and values of the company. This truly is the best place to work!

Jacob P, General Manager

I absolutely love my Red Door family.  I have learned and grown so much while working here and there are endless opportunities for growth.

Susan S, Guest Service Manager – Tysons Corner, VA

I always love seeing my passionate technicians do what they do. They genuinely care about how their guests feel. It's their caring nature that make them great people and great at what they do. It makes me very proud and very happy to be part of such a wonderful team.  

Lei T, Guest Service Manager – Reston, VA


Nothing compares to having an awesome team that I can always rely on. Reston is a family that cares for one another and everyone is passionately about what they do. It does not feel like work when you enjoy what you're doing and being around great people is a bonus!

Noke K, Massage Therapist – Reston, VA

Although I haven't been at Reston for that long, I really enjoy and respect the people here. Everyone is welcoming, friendly and helpful.

Rhyan S, Massage Therapist – Reston, VA

I love working at The Red Door because of the team effort and family atmosphere.  We work at a company that strives to exceed guest expectations which is always fun and challenging.

Jon S, Massage Therapist – Phoenix, AZ

 It’s a family environment which makes it more enjoyable to work. We have support and work with people that love what they’re doing!

Megan M, Massage Therapist – Dallas, TX

Working with the company for almost seven years, one thing remains constant: their continuous strive for providing the best possible guest service and recruiting professionals who are passionate about what they do and who they are doing it for. Thank you, Red Door, for a great introduction into the spa industry

Tanja P, Body Department Lead/Trainer  Cross Keys – Baltimore, MD



I have been working at The Red Door for six years, and I think it’s phenomenal and fantastic place to work. It feels like we are a big family where we have opportunity for professional growth, amazing training that is always fun, helpful and supportive management, luxury products and treatments for our guests and discounts for employees. I am very happy and proud to work for Red Door! If you are passionate about your work and really want to make sure that your guests have a relaxing personalized experience, The Red Door is the place to be!

Tamara F, Face Department Trainer /Cross Keys – Baltimore, MD

In the eight years I have been at The Red Door, I have met amazing people- employees and guests, who have enriched my life in a positive way, and have helped me grow as an individual and professional.

Ana, Master Esthetician – Fairfax, VA

Early on working for Red Door quickly expanded my experience in my esthetics and managerial career.  After nine years, this has continually shown me the love and appreciation of what it means to be a high quality salon and spa.

Victoria Z, Esthetician, Phoenix, AZ

 “The Red Door really cares about us. They take us into consideration when decisions or changes are being made. Corporate and Management care about us! In addition, I love the constant training and education that is provided for us, I don’t know any other company that does that!”

Vanessa, Esthetician, Dallas, TX

You get what you directly put into Red Door.  Smile at Red Door because it will surely smile back at you.

 Miranda Wadley, Lead Esthetician, Bellevue




My co-workers at Red Door are like my second family.

Farrah Farahi, Senior Stylist – Tysons Corner, VA

I like working at Red Door because it is a great environment to grow and become successful.  I also love the education and the opportunities are endless.

Jessica Silverman, Hair Department Lead – Tysons Corner, VA

I love making my guest feel beautiful.

Jackie Frazier, Hairstylist – Reston, VA

I love working at the Reston Red Door. I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else in life besides making people feel great about themselves at such a respected establishment of beauty.

Gabrielle S, Hairstylist – Reston, VA

I really appreciate the oppurtunity to further my education and advance in my career.

Renee T, Shampoo Assistant – Reston, VA

The Red Door has given me the opportunity to use my talent as a colorist to help people as well as make my guests happy and build relationships with them and my coworkers. I would love to continue learning and improving myself to be a better person.

Susana, Colorist – Fairfax, VA

Coming to Red Door, I felt technically challenged around the talent within my department and spa which motivates me to improve on my skill as a colorist. I also developed amazing relationships with amazing people both guests and coworkers.

Amanda, Colorist/Hair Dept Lead – Fairfax, VA

 “I love the overall brand and stability of the company. It’s well known and a good company to work for!”

Mark, Hair Department – Dallas, TX



I love my Red Door team.  Everyone works together very well.

Stella K, Nail Department Lead – Tysons Corner, VA

I like working here at Reston RDS. It is a great place to enhance my skills and gain more knowledge as well. I like that it is a very professional environment for me as a nail technician.

Dao H, Nail Dept. Lead- Reston, VA

I am happy when I make my guests happy.

Yen P,Nail Tech –Reston, VA

 I have worked for 3 other salons and this is by far, the most organized professional job a Nail Tech can have!!! I Love The Red Door!!!

Jessica, Nail Technician – Dallas, TX


I love working at Red Door because my co-workers are nice.

Gloria M, Spa Attendant – Tysons Corner, VA

I enjoy working at The Red Door because I really like how respectful the staff is to each other and to guests. I love that the goal is to go over and above to please guests and make sure they have a wonderful experience.

Athena S, Guest Service Representative – Reston, VA

It is a pleasure working for The Red Door in Reston. I have gained so much knowledge by working with such a wonderful management team.

Roya, Guest Service Lead —Reston, VA

Red Door has provided me with the opportunity to use my gift in guest service as well as marketing to make relationships with people in different walks of life, and organize events to treat guests. I also have been lucky enough to use my creativity to add a special touch to the overall guest experience. I have amazing coworkers that I will keep in my life forever.

Melly, Guest Services/Group Sales – Fairfax, VA

Working at The Red Door gives us sense of community; the joy of seeing returning guests and ability to build professional relationships.

Guest Service Team – Plano, TX

I love The Red Door for the professional environment, remarkable and talented co-workers and intelligent management.  Everyone is very passionate about what they do.  Truly we are a family that nurtures everyone to be successful.

Alan B, Guest Service Lead – Phoenix, AZ

I Love Dallas The Red Door because they have provided me with skills that I would be able to use in other aspects of my future endeavors such as providing impeccable customer service and handling conflicts accordingly…not to mention the wonderful family that never fails to put a smile on my face!

Jasmine, Guest Service Representative – Dallas, TX


I love working at Red Door because its a very relaxing environment. It gives me the opportunity to do what I love. Making people feel beautiful is my dream and I wouldn't change that for the world.

Jamie "Sasha" Z, Beauty Advisor – Fairfax, VA